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2nd Gen (2005-2015) Toyota Tacoma Auxiliary Power Kit Installation Instructions - Automatic Transmission

2nd Gen (2005-2015) Toyota Tacoma Auxiliary Power Kit Installation Instructions - Automatic Transmission

Installation Instructions

Overland Equipped Aux Power Kit – 2nd Gen Tacoma – Auto Transmission

1. Thanks for putting us to work on your rig! If you are not confident in your ability to safely install this kit, please consult a professional (Check out the fine print below. Overland Equipped isn’t liable if you injure yourself or your truck, PLEASE BE SAFE!)

2. Disconnect negative battery terminal to prevent frying yourself or your rig!

3. To start, loosen, but do not remove the stock bolt where the lower mounting leg for the bracket will sit and slide the bracket into place behind the gold bracket (see fig. 1). Now check to see if upper mounting holes line up, note there is some adjustability in the slotted design of the lower mount. If the upper mounting holes do not line up, completely remove the lower mounting bolt and install the bracket on top of the gold bracket (see fig. 2). Do not tighten bolt yet.

Fig 1.

 Fig 2.


4. Insert larger 8mm bolts through split washer, then flat washer and insert into upper mounting location on mounting bracket near the accessory fuse block already installed on the bracket.

5. Start upper mounting bolts roughly 3-4 turns.

6. VERY IMPORTANT  Check to ensure the bracket isn’t touching or resting on the brake sensor wires before tightening down the bracket (SEE FIG. 3). Return to lower leg bolt and tighten until snug (but do not over-tighten).

Fig. 3

7. Return to upper bolts and tighten until split washer is flat, then tighten ¼ turn more.

8. Run black fuse block to ground cable behind stock fuse box and connect to nearby existing grounding location (see fig. 4). Ensure routing of cable won’t cause chaffing.

Fig. 4

9. Run red positive circuit breaker to battery cable in front of stock fuse box near existing wiring up to near main positive battery connection (see fig. 5). Ensure routing of cable won’t cause chaffing.

Fig. 5

10. Reconnect Main negative battery connection.

11. Be 100% certain your amp draw doesn’t exceed your circuit breaker limit for proper operation and safety sake!

12. You’re done, crack a cold one and connect all your accessories!

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